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  • LOCATIONS – search or upload your shots to the  Screen NSW ReelScout Locations Database
  • STOCK – links to online sources for stock images, music, sound and videos
  • SOFTWARE – a list of useful tools you can download for free or low cost
  • EQUIPMENT – see a list of available items

Royalty Free Images, Music, Sound, Video and more


Below are some handy zero or low cost tools available online – let us know what your favourite software tool/app is!

  • Adobe Premiere Elements – a simpler, cut-down version of Premiere Pro (Win/Mac)
  • Audacity – multitrack sound editing and recording software (free)
  • CELTX  – free screenwriting and video production software, including apps fpr scriptwriting, storyboarding, shotlisting, index cards, breakdowns, scheduling and more… Pro version also available.
  • Da Vinci Resolve – Free Version or Pay to Upgrade to Studio Version – editing/colour grading software for Win/Mac
  • FILMIC Pro – Android / iOS app for shooting professional video – precision control over focus, ISO and shutter speed, LOG or Flat Color profiles, Customisable settings and more with FILMIC Library – Sort, select, batch and share clips from a powerful library. Trim, edit image settings, downsample, share videos to other mobile editing apps, social media or cloud drive.
  • Multiplay – sound and video cueing software
  • Sun Seeker – Sunrise, Sunset Times tracker, Compass app (ioS/Android)
  • WeTransfer – send files up to 2GB for free


  • Far South Film has equipment that our members can borrow for film projects, including sound and lighting gear – see list below.
  • If you’re after something in particular that’s not on the list, please contact us.
  • If you have equipment that you would be willing to share with members, please contact us with the details of the equipment – we will not put any contact details on the website, for security reasons.
  • If you’re upgrading and getting rid of any of your old equipment, you can donate to our equipment library, or you can post a for sale notice on our Facebook page – our members appreciate second hand equipment in good working condition.

Projection / Backdrop

  • 2 x 5m galvanised steel pipe FSF
  • 1 x STE Aust Molton Cyclorama Light projection Backdrop 5m x 3m FSF
  • 170 x white holdon clips for molton FSF


  • 2 x Push Up Lighting Stands with T-Bar & 2 Boom Arms FSF
  • 2 x Sets of Chain & ibolt for hanging lighting T-bar from ceiling FSF
  • 3 x black wooden H stands with bolts FSF
  • Assorted washers & bolts FSF


  • 3 x DTS Scena 650/1000 light with fresnel lens + barn doors FSF
  • 1 x DTS Scena 650/1000 with PC lens + barn doors FSF
  • 2  x Pure Reliability High Performance Par Projector + barn doors FSF
  • 2 x spare parcan bulbs FSF
  • 1 x Black Par 56 Longnose Medium Lamp, MFL FSF
  • 1 x Black Par 56 Longnose Medium Lamp, WFL FSF
  • 1 x set of 3 multipar lenses FSF
  • 1 x Mirabella bayonet multi-colour lightbulb with remote controller FSF
  • 1 x set of 3 LED candles with remote controller FSF
  • Various Light Emotion Gel Sheets FSF

Lighting Control

  • 1 x Behringer LC2412 lighting console with gooseneck lamp FSF
  • 2 x ACME – 3 Channel Dimmers with cover panels FSF
  • 1 x 50m DMX cable FSF
  • 2 x 10m DMX cables FSF
  • 1 x 10m 3 pin DMX cable FSF
  • 1 x 3pin DMX terminator FSF
  • 1 x 5pin DMX terminator FSF
  • 1 x DMX 3-pin female to 5-pin male adaptor FSF
  • 1 x DMX 5-pin female to 3-pin male adaptor FSF


  • 7 x Light Emotion 002 Inch Hook Clamps with H/Duty Bolt/WA FSF
  • 7 x Light Emotion Galvanised Safety Cable with Snap FSF


  • 4 x 2m Black electric cable (3×1.5mm cores) FSF
  • 3 x 5m Black electric cable (3×1.5mm cores) FSF
  • 1 x 10m Black electric cable (3×1.5mm cores) FSF
  • 1 x 15m Black electric cable (3×1.5mm cores) FSF
  • 1 x 20m Black electric cable (3×1.5mm cores) FSF
  • 4 x 4 strand power cables for use with lighting trees FSF


  • 1 x Peavey XR8300 powered mixer+manual FSF
  • 1 x Mini jack to RCA cable (to connect laptop to mixer) FSF
  • 1 x ElectroVoice ELX115 15 inch two-way passive speaker FSF
  • 2 x Ashton SPK502 Speaker stand 35mm FSF
  • 1 x 10m speaker cable FSF
  • 1 x 50m speaker cable FSF
  • 1 x Sony ICD-PX312 Voice recorder LS
  • 1 x Electrovoice N/D767a Vocal Microphone FSF
  • 1 x ElectroVoice RE200 Condenser Cardioid Microphone FSF
  • 1 x Tama Mic Boom Stand MS205 Chrome FSF
  • 1 x Tama Mic Boom Stand MS205BK Black FSF
  • 2 x Carson Microphone Cables FSF
  • 1 x 10m mic cable FSF
  • 2 x 6m mic cables FSF
  • 2 x Coaxial to 3 pin adapters FSF


  • 1 x Freestanding Portable Change Tent for one person for use inside or outside LS
  • 1 x flat trolley LS