Below are some handy zero or low cost tools available online – let us know what your favourite software tool/app is!

  • Adobe Premiere Elements – a simpler, cut-down version of Premiere Pro (Win/Mac)
  • Audacity – multitrack sound editing and recording software (free)
  • CELTX  – free screenwriting and video production software, including apps fpr scriptwriting, storyboarding, shotlisting, index cards, breakdowns, scheduling and more… Pro version also available.
  • Da Vinci Resolve – Free Version or Pay to Upgrade to Studio Version – editing/colour grading software for Win/Mac
  • FILMIC Pro – Android / iOS app for shooting professional video – precision control over focus, ISO and shutter speed, LOG or Flat Color profiles, Customisable settings and more with FILMIC Library – Sort, select, batch and share clips from a powerful library. Trim, edit image settings, downsample, share videos to other mobile editing apps, social media or cloud drive.
  • Multiplay – sound and video cueing software
  • Sun Seeker – Sunrise, Sunset Times tracker, Compass app (ioS/Android)
  • WeTransfer – send files up to 2GB for free